Web Rebels Conference

2122 May 2015

Oslo, Norway

Oslo survival guide for Web Rebels!

Coming to a city for the first time you might not know where to go and what to see. We've put together this short list of things and places we appreciate in our beloved city. If you're planning on staying for an extra few days they're well worth a visit. Most of the places are located close to the conference venue and hotel in the borough of Grünerløkka.

Taking the family with you? In that case we have made a family special of the survival guide.

Finding the venue


You can download a map created by the owners of a venue nearby.


Tram lines 11, 12 and 13 all stop at Schous plass, where you can walk down Nordregate and across the bridge to Vulkan. Get directions (see Getting arround Oslo to learn how to purchase tickets).


Buses 34 and 54 stop at Møllerveien. Walk down Møllerveien and make a left at Dansens Hus. Get directions (see Getting arround Oslo to learn how to purchase tickets).


The address is Maridalsveien 13-17. Please note that taxi fares in Norway are quite expensive.

Getting around Oslo

We suggest you download the ticketing app for your mobile phone. You register your credit card and then you can easily purchase tickets for the metro, tram, bus and boats in and around Oslo. There are no more paper tickets for mass transit in Oslo and to get a physical card involves quite a bit of hassle and paperwork, so use the app.

Taking a taxi is of course possible, but it is pretty expensive and on weekends and nights extra fees are added. So we suggest you help save the environment and your money by taking mass transit while staying in Oslo


Nighthawk Diner

If you feel hung over and still have some money left, this is the place to go to. About as close you can come to an authentic American diner in Oslo. Amazing food, shakes and pancakes.

Døgnvill Burger

Located right next to the conference venue this is a great place for grabbing a real burger. It is one of the top three burger joints in the city. The variety when it comes to burgers is outstanding and they have really good selection of shakes to go with it if that is your poison. It was indeed the venue of the pre-conference dinner for the speakers last year, so you might run into some rebel-celebrities too..

Nam Fah

Just up the street from the venue towards Grünerløkka you find one of the best places for Thai food in Norway. They only do take away and you can expect queues of locals all craving Thai food. All at a reasonable price. Grab some food and just head out to one of the parks near by and you'll be in for a treat.

Villa Paradiso

If you're into Italian-style pizza this is the place to go to. They serve the best pizza in town at a decent price.

Illegal Burger

One of our favorite burger joints with excellent food at a very decent price. This is fast food at it's best, you'll be in and out in ten minutes.


Mathallen is right on the premises of the conference. It provides you with a lot of amazing food from Norway. The prices are also very Norwegian, so if you're on a tight budget you might want to go elsewhere.


In Norway the Friday night taco or ("fredagstaco" in Norwegian) has become an institution. In fact 8.2% of Norwegian eat tacos every Friday. Over the past year Oslo has seen a surge in hipster taco restaurants with every one of them striving to deliver an authentic "taco experience"

Mission Taco

From the ashes of the awesome place Revolver is: Mission Taco. Promising to give you an authentic Mexican taco meal for less than 200 NOKs. The tortillas are imported from Mexico. The atmosphere is great and they have a decent beer selection.

Taco Repùblica

Located in Torggata is Taco Republic which gives you great tasting food and a great atmosphere. You might not get in as it's super popular, so you might want to make a reservation.

4 Gringos Taco Truck

If you're on the run or on your way home from a late night, you can stop by Youngstorget and checkout what is Oslo's first (and only) genuine taco truck. Their customers are really happy and they bring a big of big city feel to our small city. Even people visiting think it's great!


One of the things Oslo has become famous for in the last couple of years is its amazing coffee scene with world class baristas serving up brilliant coffees who won't find at your local Starbucks. We have listed some of our favorites, enjoy!

Supreme roastworks

One of the hot new items on the Oslo coffee scene is the really cool Supreme roastworks. It is a roastery and coffee bar all in one. Located right in the heart of Grünerløkka it is well worth a visit, more details in this Kinfolk piece.

Tim Wendelboe

Tim Wendelboe is The King of Coffee and has a legendary shop on Grünerløkka where you can get some amazing coffee. It is a micro roastery and espresso bar which is rated as one of the best in the world. Definitely worth a visit, but please don't ask for an espresso in a paper cup.

Java Espressobar

Despite it being named after a dying programming language, this is one of the best places to get coffee in Oslo. Located in beautiful St.Hanshaugen and right next to the Pascal bakery a trip to Java is time well spent.
From the conference venue you can just walk up the lovely (but a bit steep) Telthus bakken and you'll be in St. Hanshaugen.

Solberg & Hansen - Mathallen

Some of the most amazing coffee in the world is served right on the premises of the conference. Solberg Hansen provide many of the great coffee spots in Oslo with high quality coffee. Just pop by Mathallen and you'll find the place.


Stockfleths is a legendary brand synonymous with high quality coffee. They've got a few shops all over Oslo who all provide excellent coffee. The Web Rebels usually does their morning planning at either their Tinghuset or Grensen shops.


Brewing beer seems to have become one of the most popular past times for programmers these days. Oslo has finally caught up to this trend and there has been an explosion in places serving up a great selection of beers. There are even some micro brewery pubs who serve a combination of their own and imports. We've hand picked some of the places we go for when it comes to having good beer.

Schouskjelleren Microbrewery

Right at the very start of Grünerløkka is the famous Schouskjelleren. It was founded back in 1800 as the brewery of Oslo's famous Frydenlund brewery. After it was discontinued the place has become the second microbrewery pub in Oslo. It has an atmosphere resembling German and the Czech beer halls with its vaulted brick ceiling, massive fireplace at the end of the hall and its rustic wooden furniture.
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Cafe Sara

Located on the corner of Torgata and Hausmansgate Cafe Sara has a great selection of beers both on tap and botteled. They have a wide selection of Norwegian and imported beers. You can also eat some pretty great food there.
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Crow Bar

One of the newest and trendies brewpubs in town. With a great selection bottled and on tap. Located on your way down to the city center from Grünerløkka.
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One of the city's widest selections of beers is to be found at Amundsen. This is a bar with it's own micro brewery right there in the bar. Regardless of your taste in beers, you'll be satisfied with what you get here.
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Going out in Oslo can be expensive and the prices might knock you off your feet. However once you get over the shock there are some cool places were you can hang out and have a great time! These aren't your average disco / trance-party hangouts, but they're some of the places we enjoy.


Tilt is one action packed little place located right next to legendary Rockefeller Music Hall. They've got shuffleboard, arcades and pinball to keep you entertained through the night. In addition to a decent selection of fluids to keep you going.

Bar Boca

If cocktails is your thing, then you should make a stop at the famous tiki bar over at Günerløkka. You'll get amazing cocktails in a chill atmosphere of this tiki inspired bar.


Parkteatret Scene is an old cinema from 1907 now functioning mainly as a concert venue with a capacity of 500. Their main focus is pop/rock, but the venue is also great for indie, bluegrass, country, rockabilly, jazz and blues. There is often either a concert or disco for children on Sundays. Apart from concerts, theres often documentary films or other kinds of movie nights on Wednesdays, often with debates or discussions on the topics raised. It is also a great place to just hang out and have something to drink.

Lufthavna / Cafe Mir

This non-profit consists of galleries, cafe and studios for local artists located in Grünerløkka. Cafe Mir has regular events with concerts and DJ sessions happening all week. If you want to see what's happening in the underground scene of the arts this is a good starting place. It is also a nice place to just hang out.


Right in the heart of socialist Norway in Youngstorget there is a very trendy place, Internasjonalen, which serves up a nice selection of beers and drinks. They regularly have concerts and DJ sessions happening on the second floor. It makes for a nice stop when heading into the city center from Grünerløkka.

Cafe Mono

The beating pulse of the rock and roll scene in Oslo can be found at Mono, right next to Youngstorget. They regularly put on concerts and it's a great place to catch some amazing bands. During the day time they also have an American style diner which servers up food which will help you recover from a night of rock and roll.


The Munch Museum

This year marks the 150 year anniversary for one of the worlds greatest painters, Edward Munch. The Munch Museum has the largest collection of his work in the world and it has gotten a touch up in relation to the anniversary.

Oslo Opera House

The Norwegian Opera house is located on the old stomping grounds of Norwegians going on the ferry to Denmark in order to get shit faced drunk. These days the permises hosts one of Oslo's few architectural masterpieces. You can stroll on it's marbled roof and get a great look at the city.

Frogner Park

The Frogner Park (Norwegian: Frognerparken) is a public park located in the borough of Frogner. The Frogner Park contains, in its present center, the world famous Vigeland Sculpture Arrangement designed by Gustav Vigeland. Frogner Park consists of various bridges, fountains and a well known picnic area, popular in the summer for games and relaxation. It also contains both Frognerbadet and Frogner Stadium. The park is the largest park in the city and covers 45 hectares.
It's a great place to just hang out and check out some crazy sculptures and enjoy the sights.


Hopp i havet

If you've brought the kids along for the conference you might let them check out the local activity center Hopp i Havet (which roughly translates to Jump in the sea). It is a huge building with long slides, trampolines, climbing towers and all kinds of obstacles. It's got loads of fun things all in an atmosphere of being at the bottom of the sea.

Vulkan Klatresenter (Vulkan Climbing Center)

If you're up for a little bouldering or indoor rock climbing after a long day of sitting and being indoors, we've got just the thing for you! Right outside the conference venue there is a Vulkan Klatresenter (Vulkan Climbing Center). It's got three different walls and has routes for the novice and the master. Climbing rocks, go for it!
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Walk up Telthusbakken to St.Hanshaugen

Across the street from the venue is one of the original parts of old Oslo with it's characteristic small wooden houses. The road up from the venue up to St.Hanshaugen district is know as Telthusbakken. Taking the walk will be good exercise (it's mostly uphill), but you will arrive at St.Hanshaugen which has some nice places to visit. Such as the amazing Java Espressobar and Pascal which has some of the most amazing cakes in all of Oslo.



A true gem is this independent bookstore located in Tullinløkka right next to the National Gallery. They have an amazing collection of books in multiple languages. From beat poetry to philosophy. From books about street art to books about politics. In the basement you'll find a wide range of comics in different genres. This is the only bookstore you need to visit while staying here.

Big Dipper Records

Vinyl addicts will get their fix in this records store which only caters vinyl. You can look trough countless rows of new releases and old gems. It's nicely place on the way from the venue to down town Oslo.


In case you need to embrace your inner comic-geek you might want to checkout out this gem which is one the best shops when it comes to comics and related merchandise.

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