Web Rebels Conference

2122 May 2015

Oslo, Norway

Sponsorship Packages

The Web Rebels Conference has a set of exclusive sponsorship packages which provide you with different options for contributing as a sponsor. Please note that there is a limited number of sponsorship packages available, so do not take too long to decide!

Exclusive packages

Open Mic Night

Be the exclusive sponsor of this pre-event which takes place the day before the conference where anyone can do a talk. You’ll be the only sponsor for this event with options to have promotion materials at the venue


You can sponsor the lovely breakfast we'll be serving everyone each morning. Your brand could be there greeting the Rebels!


Everyone attending the conference get a prepaid cards to use in the magnificent Mathallen. You can have your company name on them as our exclusive Lunch sponsor.

Chill out

After the first day we gather everyone for some dinner and a social gathering. The Chill out sponsor will have exclusive rights to sponsoring this event.

Coffee (SOLD)

We love coffee and we want the best possible coffee for those attending. Help us make this happen by being our Barista sponsor!

Scholarship Tickets

The Scholarship Ticket package is your chance to help make our community more diverse by contributing to the The Web Rebels Scholarship program. You get to buy two tickets, one to keep and one to give to one of of scholarship applicants, selected by Web Rebels. If accommodation is required you will cover two nights. The Web Rebels will cover travel expenses.

Standard packages

In addition to the these exclusive sponsorship packages we have standard packages available for sponsors.

Tier 1 / 28 000 NOK

Tier 2 / 38 000 NOK

All of the above plus:

Tier 3 / 60 000 NOK

All of the above plus:

Sounds interesting? Want to contribute?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone (Espen Dalløkken, +47 41 52 88 62) or email. We will answer all questions and take any feedback into consideration.

Please note, that as a sponsor you must act according to our Code of Conduct.